Benefits of Using a Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is rising above its competitors in the marketplace as more and more homes integrate green building technologies with style, affordability and durability. Despite the fact that the product has been present since the early 1970s, contemporary manufacturing methods have revolutionized its availability and customization options for homeowners. The product has been seen a lot of followers, not only among homeowners who have to look at it every day but also among builders and contractors who are sourcing supplies, bidding and installing it. Here are some of the advantages when using these Fiber cement panel contractor Dallas TX.

Lasts Longer

Fiber cement combines all of its advantages to provide one of the biggest benefits in the siding industry, its durability and lastingness. Fiber cement is a composite of cement, wood fiber and other additives that are not only environmentally friendly but also resistant when compared to other siding options. While fiber cement may have greater upfront expenses than vinyl or aluminum, pro-rating those prices on a yearly basis will result in a more inexpensive offer. In fact, fiber cement was suggested by some researchers as the optimum combination of cost, durability and environmental impact.


The material makeup of fiber cement alone has a stunning attractiveness. When you combine natural looks with contemporary production technologies, you have a plethora of possibilities for curb appeal aesthetics.  In addition, fiber cement is also considered the most realistic solution for achieving a wood look without the need for staining, repainting or sealing. Fiber cement has a natural wood texture, and the grains can be made to look like they were generated overtime in the forest.

Low Maintenance at Minimal Price

When compared to wood, aluminum and vinyl siding, the cost to install fiber cement siding in some other advanced country is fairly comparable, according to some professional fiber cement siding installation. One of the best things about fiber cement is it can be maintained in a low amount of money and physical activity. Unlike vinyl and aluminum, there is no need for regular pressure washing.

Endure Harsh Condition

Fiber cement has the appearance of wood but does not have the same properties. Furthermore, these fiber cement siding can withstand different harsh conditions such as hailstorms, snowstorms and intensive humidity. Fiber cement components, on the other hand, are fire-resistant for one hour and will not catch fire when exposed to direct flame or heat. Some siding types can be harmed by extreme heat and humidity, while fiber cement siding is dimensionally stable and resistant to damage under these situations.

Easy to Install

The difficulty of working with fiber cement siding is said to be one of the major disadvantages of contractors installing it. Granted, the material is slower to cut than vinyl or aluminum, and the long pieces are more fragile than wood, but labor costs and resources aren't significantly more. Fiber cement installation is usually done by professionals, but with the correct tools, a homeowner can do it himself. Gaps must be left on edges to account for the fiber cement material's and wood's expansion and contraction, although this only raises the cutting tolerances.

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